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Apple iPad Air 2023, iPad mini Release Date Just Hours Away, Report Claims

Apple’s complete iPad range: iPad Pro 12.9in, iPad Pro 11in, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini. What’s … [+] coming next?


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While we’re in the wall mount mood: iPad Pro install for a client

October 17 update below. This post was first published on Monday, October 16, 2023. Apple has now made its announcement and it was for… a new Apple Pencil. You can read full details and which you should choose, here.

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Apple’s iPads have been the subject of multiple rumors, recently. And while some industry heavyweights like Ming-Chi Kuo have previously said no iPads are expected before the end of 2023, a new report claims that not one but three iPads will be announced just hours from now. Read on for what we know, and when the release date will be.

According to a report at Supercharged, press briefings to announce an updated iPad Air, iPad mini and regular iPad, will take place as soon as Tuesday, October 17. So, how likely is this, and what does it mean, exactly?

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What Kuo Said

Remember that Kuo said “New iPad models are unlikely before the year’s end.” At the time this seemed fanciful to me. Apple has refreshed its iPad range every single year for some time now. Unless, of course, by new model Kuo meant a whole new item that we’ve never heard of before.

Wife got a new iPad
Wife got a new iPad

What Gurman Is Saying

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter commented that Apple often debuts new iPads the month after the iPhone and Watch. Gurman said, “While I reported in July that Apple was planning such a release this year, the latest indications are that it won’t happen this month.”

Hmm. Well, they can’t all be right. Gurman goes on: “A new entry-level iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini are all in development with faster chips, but I don’t believe updates of any significance are imminent.”

My take? I think Gurman may be proved right on the date, though who knows in terms of the significance of the new tablets when they do arrive?

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If Supercharged is right and there are briefings this Tuesday, then this is what we know. Before any briefings, Apple will announce the new products by press release and on Please check back here, where I’ll cover any news.

However, I would bet that no-one who has been invited to such a briefing has been told what it’s for. So, while it’s conceivable that it could be to announce new iPads, my gut feeling is it’s not.


The 2021 iPad Air in five colors.

Apple What Will Be Announced, And When?

According to Supercharged, there will be a new iPad Air with an M2 chip. Plus a new iPad mini, which feels right in terms of timing, and an 11th-generation iPad. What won’t be coming just yet is the next iPad Pro. Reports point to that landing in 2024.

If Gurman is right, the announcement will be some weeks away. My guess is it could be as soon as early November, with onsale date around ten days later.

October 17 update. It’s hard to know exactly what’s happening sometimes, isn’t it? As you’ll see above, rumors and counter-rumors are flying around, and we can’t quite know what’s what. And there’s a new report to add to the mix. Spoiler alert: I think it’s by far the most likely one to reflect what’s going to be announced.

According to MacOtakara, the Apple announcement, expected Tuesday, October 17, will not be for an iPad, let alone three, but it will be iPad-adjacent. The reveal, it’s claimed, will be for a new Apple Pencil.

Well, that’s pretty intriguing, too. As you’ll know, there are two versions of Apple Pencil just now. The first-generation model is a glossy cylinder with Lightning connector at the top. It works with the ninth-generation iPad in the current range and plenty of earlier iPads. It also works, if you use a Lightning-to-USB-C connector, with the latest iPad, the tenth-generation model.

Other current iPads, the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro, all use the slicker, sleeker second-generation Pencil which has one flat side that lets it snap magnetically to the side of the tablet to pair and charge.

So, the third-gen Pencil is interesting. What will be new? At the least, if it’s going to have a connector in its lid, I’d expect this to be a USB-C connector, not Lightning.

At the end of September, leaker Majin Bu tweeted that a new Pencil was on its way, with one big change: interchangeable magnetic tips “for drawing, technical drawing and painting.”

But, please note, the same leaker has, in the last few hours, tweeted that at least one iPad will be announced today. The latest comment was, “The new 11 gen 10.9 inch iPad that Apple will present tomorrow will have the exact same design as the 10 gen model, furthermore the accessories will be perfectly compatible.”

I’m going to be straight with you: I don’t believe there will be any new iPad announced on October 17—though I don’t rule out it coming soon.

So, if it’s a Pencil, will it be a new top-of-the-range model to add to the range? My guess is that it will be a replacement for the first-generation Pencil and will be priced the same. What would be exciting is if Apple made it compatible with all iPads, rather than just the regular iPad.

Check back later: we should know within a matter of hours.