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Best Mini Calendar For Early Planning

In search of things that can make it easy for you to remember all the important dates of meetings, appointments, and other tasks you mostly forget? Well, you can consider buying a mini calendar which you can even carry with you without any hesitation. Though it will have a small size, it still offers you sufficient space to write the important things.

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Some calendars have space to write down a to-do list or other essential details at the back of every page. You can purchase them in different designs like standing and hanging. There is a built-in hole in the hanging calendar to hang them on a wall or hang it on a sticky wall holder.

Moreover, you can keep the one standing on your countertop, office table, or any other table in your house. For buying the best mini calendar, the following buying guide tells you everything for a better decision:

Scheduling of Dates in Planned and Production Order  SAP Blogs
Scheduling of Dates in Planned and Production Order SAP Blogs

What different designs of mini calendar are available?

Once you visit the market, you will see a mini-calendar in two designs as flowers:

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Factory Calendar Configuration in SAP

Hanging design

Want to see your calendar in a prominent place instead of keeping it on your desk or countertop? For this, you should buy the mini calendars, which have built-in holes that allow you to hang the calendar on walls.

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SAP Factory Calendar Tcodes (Transaction Codes) PDF Time

You can hang it on the wall using a nail or place a sticky holder on your door, cabinets, or wall to hang it to view it daily. You should hang it at a prominent place in your room so that you can keep an eye on it when you enter or leave the room.

Standing desk

You will also see stand-up design mini calendars in the market. It will be a better choice for those who want to instantly view their calendar to view important appointments and meetings without delay. It has hard cardboard, which makes it stand.

You can even keep it on your countertop, on a desktop, or even at your office table while working to see if there is an important task left! Like the hanging option, it also has space to write things, and some calendars let you write your to-do list at the back. The important dates and the Federal holiday are also marked well in these calendars for quick identification.

How are mini-calendars beneficial?

Whether small or big, the Calendar plays a significant role in keeping you organized and tracking all the important dates and tasks you may miss while busy in your daily routine. Compared to other big calendars or even the magnetic calendars in the market, the mini calendars are convenient to use as you can carry them easily.

Due to their small size, they are portable, and you can easily place them inside your purse or a backpack when going out. Carry the mini calendar with yourself, and you will not forget anything you have marked or written for any upcoming important event, meeting, or even appointment.

Most importantly, even with the small size, they will provide you with a monthly view of all the months in a year. It will also have marked holidays with different colors for better visibility and give you space to write anything you want. You also get a counter for the day of the year, which is helpful!

Some calendars are even animated with children’s favorite characters to grab their attention. They can see their favorite character all the time and can schedule their work collectively. It will develop a good habit of scheduling and planning for your kid for the future. In addition, some calendars have beautiful scenery images or printed pages to give it a stylish, and they can act as decor for your space.

What points to consider when buying the mini-calendars?

When finally going to purchase the mini calendar for you need, you have to keep the below points in your mind:


First, you have to be clear about the design you want to pick when buying the mini calendar. As told above, mini calendars are available in two design options; one is hanging, and the second is standing desk design. Both options are good, but the selection should be on your use.

For instance, if you are a person who mostly sits on the desk in the office or home, then a standing desk mini calendar will be the perfect companion for you. It will be present within an arm’s length on your desk. You can instantly grab it, write your point or anything important, and see it whenever you want.

Moreover, if you travel frequently, the standing desk option will still be good as it will lay flat when you don’t want to use it and put it inside your backpack to carry it with you.

If you want something that stays in front of your eyes when you enter or leave a room, you can pick a hanging design. Hang it on a wall, door, or a cabinet within your room.

Page quality

Do check the quality of the paper when buying a mini calendar. The good quality thick paper will let you write smoothly and prevent ink bleeding on the pages. A 160 GSM paper offers good thickness and quality. If you buy a low-quality paper calendar, they can tear easily, and your ink will spread across the paper.


Pick a reliable brand when you are about to purchase anything, not just the mini calendar. If a brand is selling online, you can get reviews on popular online retail stores like eBay, Amazon, and other websites. You should read the reviews by the companies or visit their social media pages, if any.

What’s the price range for a mini calendar?

The price that you have to pay when buying a mini-calendar lies between $5 to $12. The difference in the cost is due to the design you may get in the calendar and the quality of the paper. The calendars that are designed well are more expensive than the standard ones. Some mini-calendars have animated designs that contain different cartoon characters. Other mini-calendar may have beautiful scenery worldwide or come in different prints. In addition, the paper quality is also important. A calendar with thick paper will cost more than a calendar with thin paper.