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Gigaleads: The Dutch Advertising Agency Revolutionizing the UK’s Lead Generation Market

Gigaleads, a Netherlands-based advertising agency specializing in lead generation with a unique results-guaranteed approach, has rapidly expanded into the UK, successfully onboarding 25 clients and aiming for 400 by 2024, earning praise for its innovative strategies.

Calendar  (UK) - free printable Microsoft Word templates
Calendar (UK) – free printable Microsoft Word templates

Netherlands – October 9, 2023 —

Gigaleads, an innovative advertising agency based in the Netherlands, is rapidly making its mark in the United Kingdom. Having successfully worked with over 400 businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium in just three years, Gigaleads embarked on its UK journey earlier this year and is already making waves.

Calendar  (UK) - free printable Microsoft Word templates
Calendar (UK) – free printable Microsoft Word templates

Gigaleads specializes exclusively in lead generation, offering tailored services to a wide array of niches. The agency particularly stands out for its exceptional work within the renovation and installation sectors, with a special focus on solar energy companies.

The agency garnered significant attention this year when the solar market in the Netherlands was struggling to generate leads through traditional channels. Gigaleads stepped in, providing an effective solution and earning a strong reputation in the process.

Calendar  (UK) - free printable PDF templates
Calendar (UK) – free printable PDF templates

What sets Gigaleads apart from other agencies is its unique approach to client success; the agency dares to guarantee results. If Gigaleads does not meet the agreed targets (a minimum number of leads at a certain cost), clients are not required to pay. This bold, confidence-inspiring strategy is a testament to the agency’s belief in its methods and its commitment to client satisfaction.

According to Simon Usai, founder of Gigaleads, “Launching Gigaleads in the UK is not just about expanding our business, it’s about revolutionizing the lead generation market here. We’re bringing our unique Dutch approach, coupling innovation with result guarantees, to the dynamic business landscape of the UK. We’re not just crossing borders, we’re breaking boundaries.” 

Calendar  (UK) - free printable PDF templates
Calendar (UK) – free printable PDF templates

Already in the UK, Gigaleads has successfully onboarded its first 25 clients. The agency aims to build on this success, planning to add at least 75 more UK clients by the end of this year and targeting a total of 400 by the end of 2024.

Clients who have used Gigaleads’ services have nothing but praise for the agency. Colin Fearis, of ComfiSpace Ltd, stated, ‘The approach of the team at Gigaleads to advertising is unlike anything we’ve seen here in the UK. They truly represent a breakthrough in the industry.’

This sentiment is further reechoed by James Smith, the CEO of a solar energy company based in Leeds, “Gigaleads has transformed our lead generation process, delivering on their promise of quality leads with guaranteed results.”

For more information about Gigaleads and its unique approach to lead generation, visit the agency’s Dutch website at Gigaleads.nl and its English website at Gigaleads.com.

About Gigaleads

Gigaleads, a pioneering force in lead generation within the Benelux region, empowers businesses of all sizes in the Netherlands and Belgium with a consistent flow of unique leads and heightened brand awareness. Their approach, rooted in proven and automated lead generation methods, comes with a guarantee of success, epitomized by their maximum cost-per-lead commitment. At Gigaleads, client success is paramount, exemplified by their belief that if clients don’t succeed, neither do they.

Gigaleads’ impressive track record isn’t just about numbers; it’s about catalyzing the transformation of businesses. Many of their clients, initially operating independently, have experienced substantial growth through an influx of high-quality leads. Collaboratively, Gigaleads and their clients devise strategic growth plans that encompass both expanding lead flow and workforce, ensuring long-term sustainability.

The agency rejects outdated approaches like quotation comparison, opting instead for harnessing the immense potential of social media to generate leads exclusively for their clients. This unique approach consistently yields up to 37% more leads and incorporates key elements such as paid advertisements and targeted cold outreach to bolster brand recognition.

Since its inception in 2020, Gigaleads has evolved from a one-person operation into a dynamic company with a diverse team of over 15 professionals worldwide. Their profound industry insights and understanding of the intricacies of lead generation make them invaluable partners in their clients’ pursuit of sustainable growth. To date, Gigaleads has proudly collaborated with over 400 companies across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Europe, consistently achieving outstanding outcomes.

Gigaleads’ commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond business success. As part of their dedication, they’ve allocated a portion of their revenue to charitable initiatives. They’ve established an entire charity department within Gigaleads, where their team joins forces to drive meaningful change. Since 2023, Gigaleads has steadfastly supported the Muses Foundation in the Netherlands, in addition to two impactful projects in the Philippines and Pakistan, where several team members actively participate.

To learn more, do visit www.gigaleads.nl.

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