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A majority of parents revealed in a new survey that they did not believe their family size was ideal.

The Organised Family Planner
The Organised Family Planner

By Suzanne Blake On 9/27/23 at 11:27 AM EDT

“This combination can be potentially put into routine clinical use to improve the effectiveness of emergency contraception,” Raymond Li, told Newsweek.

Family Calendar Printable Monthly Family Schedule Family - Etsy
Family Calendar Printable Monthly Family Schedule Family – Etsy

By Pandora Dewan On 8/16/23 at 6:30 PM EDT

According to exclusive research for Newsweek, over 50 percent of young adults would be more likely to consider having children if the cost of living was lower.

Weekly Family Planner Editable Family Calendar Family - Etsy
Weekly Family Planner Editable Family Calendar Family – Etsy

By Alice Gibbs On 4/13/23 at 11:13 AM EDT

Not sure how to spend Christmas Day between a divorced family or in-laws? We spoke to the experts to find out how you can split your time during the holidays.

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Family Home Planner Calendar Academic Family Organiser

By Soo Kim On 12/16/22 at 8:00 AM EST

Family planning experts, including Planned Parenthood, share the harmful impact abortion bans could have on not only women, but also children.

By Sophie Lloyd On 7/8/22 at 8:10 AM EDT

“I am blessed to have been adopted!” one online user said. “My mom is the best mom and I’ve never felt different.”

By Nick Mordowanec On 5/13/22 at 2:52 PM EDT


Here’s why term life insurance can be a healthy and cost-effective family decision for homeowners.

By Newsweek AMPLIFY On 12/2/20 at 1:05 PM EST

And a lot to do with access to birth control.

By Jack Markell On 10/25/19 at 4:27 PM EDT

About 46 million women and girls have gained access to contraceptives in the world’s lowest-income countries over the past six years, according to a report.

By Jason Lemon On 11/19/18 at 11:04 AM EST

A self-purported advocate for women, Ivanka Trump has been shilling for a tax plan that reports say would be disastrous for women and their families.

By Marie Solis On 12/19/17 at 11:21 AM EST

Alex Azar’s views on birth control are perfectly in line with the Trump administration’s—which spells disaster for women.

By Marie Solis On 11/29/17 at 2:04 PM EST

The technique fails nearly a quarter of women each year.

By Marie Solis On 10/20/17 at 4:22 PM EDT

Other than the right to vote, the US Constitution doesn’t guarantee equal rights for men and women.

By Janet Benshoof On 8/14/17 at 7:10 AM EDT

The Trump administration has undone an Obama-era regulation aimed at protecting family planning services.

By Mirren Gidda On 4/13/17 at 12:44 PM EDT

The State Department said the agency supports “coercive abortions,” which the U.N. denied.

By Conor Gaffey On 4/4/17 at 5:25 AM EDT

It was the second time Pence used his role as the chamber’s president to end a deadlock. He was called to the capitol earlier to carry the resolution through a procedural vote.

By Reuters On 3/30/17 at 6:51 PM EDT

The Obama-era rule bans states from withholding federal funding to certain health care centers.

By Lucy Westcott On 2/16/17 at 10:04 AM EST

The Earth’s too crowded, so better family planning may be humanity’s last hope to save us from ourselves.

By Zoë Schlanger On 12/18/14 at 7:22 AM EST